A detox for regeneration, detoxification and new energy

A detox regimen for regeneration, detoxification and new energy

A detox for a clear head and a buoyant body.
How is it that only one week can exert such a positive effect on the whole organism?

Just to name a few: In a detox regimen it is necessary to get started by regenerating the intestine. Toxins are indeed supplied not only from outside but also occur in the body itself, for example by a disturbed intestinal flora. Another very important point concerns the blood sugar. Omitting sugar in the diet avoids blood sugar spikes and the resulting increased insulin release with all the harmful consequences. In addition, the entire hormonal system is regulated and improved.

As part of the changeover, it is normal if you feel tired and listless on the first days and if the fog in your head even increases. But once this first hurdle has been overcome, you will find that you feel much better after a few days. This will assuredly motivate you to subsequently stick to at least some of the measures of this detox week.
Ideally you should dedicate this whole week to the detox. If this is not possible, it then makes sense to start on the weekend to get some rest, at least in the first phase.


Your diet plan for a detox

For Breakfast: A glass of juice from green vegetables, with carrots, apple and lemon if desired

Mid-morning: A small meal consisting of proteins and fat (eg avocados, nuts, smoked fish, eggs or similar)

For lunch and dinner: A large portion each of steamed or braised vegetables in soup with healthy oil, herbs and spices. Preferably, broccoli, cauliflower, brussels sprouts, kohlrabi, radish. Add seeds or nuts, avocado, some wild fish, quinoa or lean organic meat.

Drinks: Water, green tea

Take care that there is an interval of at least 12 hoursbetween dinner and breakfast, the longer the better.

Exterior applications during your detox

Liver Wrap:

You can support the liver, which is the largest and most efficient detoxification organ, by using this measure.
Fill  a hot water bottle with hot water so that you can still lay it flat (water temperature should be as hot as possible. Use caution with the water temperature to avoid scalding and skin irritations). Use two towels. Moisten one of the towels and place it directly on the skin. Then place the hot water bottle on top and, finally, a warm dry towel over that.
Leave the bottle at least for1/2 hour.

Ph-based Bath:

This measure is also very efficient. 1 – 2 times a week.
Fill the bathtub with warm water. The temperature should be adjusted individually. For good circulation ratios and good veins, the temperature can be selected warmer than normal body temperature to a maximum of 3 degrees. Otherwise use pleasant normal body temperature.
As an additive, use either ready-base bath salt, or regular soda (about 100g for 1 full bathtub) and bath salts.
The duration of the bath should be at least 30 minutes, preferably 40 minutes.


You can support the detoxification process by taking amino acids, B vitamins, vitamin C, antioxidants, minerals and alpha lipoic acid.
Plant products are also considered and should include artichoke, dandelion or holy thistle.


Fotos: pixabay.com