The experts

The development of Vitalogic

The university professor Dr. Jürgen Spona, together with his wife Dr. Ingrid Spona, MD, founded the company in 1997. It is based on the highly-individual supplementary preparation, Vitalogic, developed by the leading expert in amino acid research.

The product was then, as now, based on a simple blood test – the Amino acids-Needs-Check – individually prepared for the requirements of individuals. Because no person is like another.


Dr. Jürgen Spona

received his Ph.D. in chemistry at the University of Vienna. He spent 2 years at renowned universities in the US (Princeton University and Penn State University,  Cornell Medical School, and NIH Bethesda). Thereafter, he set up an endocrine laboratory at the ObGyn Department of Vienna School of Medicine. He was also head of a research unit of the Ludwig-Boltzmann Institute.

His research interests had been on amino acid metabolism, the use of amino acids in mood disorders, as well as for optimization of athletic performance, experimental and molecular endocrinology, molecular genetics, oral contraception, oncogenes and growth factors, signal transduction, reproductive and hormone-dependent tumors.

Jürgen Spona had published over 450 scientific articles in renowned scientific journals and received several scientific awards (including Anton v. Eiselsberg, Stadt Wien, Hoechst, Dr. Karl Stosius).

Dr. Ingrid Spona

worked as general practitioner in her private office. She received training in homeopathy and acupuncture, as well as in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). She completed these studies with a diploma from the Austrian Medical Chamber (homeopathy and acupuncture) and from the Chinese Medical Society (TCM). Intensive study of mitochondrial medicine.