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Questions and answers on amino acid requirements check


A drop of blood from a fingertip is enough. This is dropped on a special filter paper and sent in a normal envelope to Vitalogic.
Intensive research has been able to establish this simple method of obtaining blood, in a way how diabetics take their blood sample several times a day. A detailed manual is included.

Questions and answers on amino acids

Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins, and so the protein structures of our body. While fats and carbohydrates are used to produce energy for our daily lives, the proteins are responsible for the development of body structures. In times of emergency, they can also be used for energy.

Questions and answers on the effects

There are currently, according to medical databases, of over 800,000 scientific papers in which amino acids are cited and almost 50,000 so-called review publications that deal specifically with the purpose and action of amino acids in various aspects.

You will find a small selection in science section.

Questions and answers about use

Vitalogic is a powder that is dissolved in water and taken as a drink.
By default, taking 2x daily.
Regarding the fiber contained in Vitalogic it makes sense for Vitalogic to be taken on an empty stomach 15 minutes before eating. In certain cases, we also recommend other individual intake modes.