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Reducing stress

What is stress and how to reduce stress? Stress is a broad term with very large individual differences in effects. It is generally defined as the reaction of the organism to external stimuli.

– physical exercise
– psychological pressure
– external influences such as heat or cold
– oxidative stress (too many free radicals that cannot be neutralized)

Stress puts the body in a state of alarm! The response, via the autonomic nervous system, requires quite a lot from the organism. Also, it cannot distinguish in this state whether the stress is from the threat of a wild animal, an unfinished mountain of paperwork or a demanding partner in stress.

Effectively manage consequences of stress

It is scientifically proven that the supply of essential amino acids is increased in such situations, and, therefore, supplementing amino acids may help the body efficiently in such situations. Other substances contained in Vitalogic, such as omega-3 fatty acid and plant extracts can assist.



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