Mairhofer Susanna

Susanna Mairhofer Vitalogic

Susanna Mairhofer


“I’ve been suffering from autoimmune thyroid disease (Hashimoto) since 2006. My physical condition was getting worse and worse despite the fact that I was always very athletic, especially when I had to work hard. In addition, there was a crippling fatigue on all other days and my fingernails began to tear down, I had the last few years never again the chance that my fingernails grew.

During my annual thyroid examinations, I kept coming back to my problems, but nothing helped. Until I came to a doctor who recommended a general practitioner who supposedly works with amino acids. I went to see this doctor and she recommended a blood test at the company Vitalogic, which I also performed. The test showed borderline or lower values ​​for almost all amino acids. Then an amino acid product was specially mixed with my condition, which I then took 3 months.

My drop in performance and fatigue were gone within 2 months and in the 3rd month I had beautiful nails as before my illness. I was able to do a lot of hard work again.”



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