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Vitalogic – your personal vitalizer

increase well-being and strength, good for your body …

Pharmaceutical quality by hand


Vitalogic contains pharmaceutically pure and free amino acids. Individually blended for you. The body can use the free amino acids without  any further digestion and they work directly where they are needed. It should be stressed that these amino acids are guaranteed to contain no animal ingredients. This, in addition to the personalized blending,  is another difference from a number of the premixed preparations.


The proven classic since 1997

In addition to amino acids, your Vitalogic Complete also includes vitamins, trace elements, co-enzyme Q10, omega-3 fatty acids, free radical scavengers and fiber. All these components are blended in one preparation for you, promoting the most optimal metabolism of essential nutrients. All components meet the highest quality criteria.


Special Editions for special concerns

Special Edition Vitalogic Slim Fit

Special Edition Vitalogic Top Sport

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Haute couture instead of mass production

Each personalized tailored amino acid preparation of Vitalogic is unique and is created after a careful analysis of your blood values. This procedure ensures that you get a preparation with maximum effectiveness.

Why personalized?

Different genetic conditions, different lifestyles and food habits and different mental and physical stresses determine a person’s demand for different vital nutrients.

Research and long-standing experience

The Vitalogic founders have worked intensively on the development of their product. University-Professor Dr. Jürgen Spona is a leading expert in the field of amino acid research. Dr. Ingrid Spona is a general practitioner with additional technical training. The long-standing expert knowledge of the biochemist and the physician is an essential part of the highly-individualized supplement product Vitalogic.

Convincing effect

In order for the amino acids to perform their many functions optimally, they must be available in sufficient quantity and in harmonious coordination with each other. Individual needs require individual solutions – for this reason, the composition of your own personal preparation is precisely blended, based on the blood levels of your body’s natural amino acids.



The Vitalogic blood test determines your status and personal demand of high quality amino acids. Once the results are obtained, Vitalogic is tailor-made for you.



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Determine the amino acid demands-Check your current status.

This simple blood test gives information about your personal demands for high quality amino acids.
Once the results are obtained, Vitalogic is tailor-made for you.

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