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Prevent muscle soreness
Can I prevent aching muscles, or is it “inevitable” in connection to sports?
Ultimately, this is an important question, because muscle soreness after every attempt at increased sports and physical activity is more than a little discouraging.

There is strong scientific evidence that muscle soreness can be effectively prevented, in a so-called “window of opportunity”, with a mixture of essential amino acids taken just after exercise. The reasons for this are, firstly, very small micro-injuries of the muscles and the other part is the oxidative stress caused by training. The exact dose for exercise load, even where a training stimulus is set but no effort is taking place, is not easy to determine. It is well known that over-training can lead to just as much stress as constant tiredness, fatigue, insomnia and poor concentration. This is absolutely counterproductive both for top athletes, as well as for amateur athletes who want to do something for their health and then feel even worse than before – not very motivating. The effect of a mixture of a mixture of essential amino acids in regards to muscle metabolism was investigated in horses in cooperation with University of Veterinary Medicine in Vienna in a research paper (dissertation).

Promote muscle growth, prevent muscle breakdown
Targeted training is essential for a targeted muscle. Equally important is an adequate supply of amino acids, especially essential amino acids, as these emit an anabolic signal. This has been demonstrated in numerous scientific studies. A unique role is played by leucine.

One of the causes for increased muscle breakdown may also be a lack of amino acids. On one hand, this may be due to a lack of supply as a whole or, on the other hand, to a poor recovery. The resolution of the supplied proteins in certain medications can thus make the  according recovery difficult. Since the body strives to maintain the amino acid pool to a constant half, it then takes the vital essential amino acids from degradation processes, especially from the muscles. This can lead, ultimately, to the dreaded muscle wasting in old age, sarcopenia. This in turn leads to a higher frequency of falls with all the feared consequences and, ultimately, to immobility.

The good news: provided with a good supply of amino acids, it is possible, even in old age, to build muscles and to effectively treat sarcopenia.

Endurance Sports
Until not too long ago, the importance of amino acids in the context of endurance sports had been massively underestimated. In such, the body’s own proteins are degraded and the remaining amino acids are used for the production of energy. A further imbalance between consumption and supply also stems from the fact that, during higher power training, protein synthesis is decreased.