Scientific foundations anti-aging

For all those who want to know more precisely!
Scientific foundations


Inflammatory processes of all kinds play a decisive role and accelerate this process. “Silent inflammations” are mentioned in this context.

For a long time they go unnoticed and considerably damage many body structures such as blood vessels. Vitalogic contains omega-3 fatty acids and a high-quality pomegranate extract.
All these components work against the silent inflammations.

In addition,  oxidative stress is caused by free radicals.
Especially at this point amino acids can counteract. In their role as major precursor for “scavenger” they are a crucial factor for healthy aging with good well-being and lasting performance.

Amino acids have a positive effect on bone density, hence improve the symptoms of osteoporosis.

Also for the widespread muscle loss (sarcopenia), aged inflammatory mechanisms are to blame. This phenomen, with highly underrated negative consequences, inevitably leads to frailty and impaired movement capability. Fortunately, scientific studies show that more people over 80 years of age can still rebuild muscle if they are adequately supplied with amino acids and support this process with exercise – for instance, with simple resistance band exercises.

Telomeres play an important role. These are the “caps” at each end of the chromosomes. They protect the genetic material, the DNA. These get shorter with each cell division until they ultimately become too short and die.
There are many indications that longer telomeres mean a longer life. The enzyme telomerase helps to repair the telomeres.
In this contest, the lifestyle and hereby also nutrition and good dietary supplement play a crucial role.

One more important heading: glycation. This means that sugar forms compounds with proteins and fats, the so-called AGEs (advanced glycation end product). They are also responsible for cellular damage and inflammatory responses, and can be made harmless by antioxidants, inter alia, to a certain degree.