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Scientific foundations


Scientific studies indicate that essential amino acids are able to increase “lean mass” of the body,

so-called “Lean body mass (LBM)”. The LMB is defined as body weight minus stored fat.
This means that amino acids can boost fat burning. The prerequisite is that enough essential amino acids be present.

Certain essential amino acids are the precursor of substances which stimulate metabolism and promote fat burning.
Lysine and methionine, for example, form carnitine.

Amino acids are the precursor of important hormones for fat burning.
Arginine stimulates the growth hormone that plays an important role in this regard.

The amino acid phenylalanine is the precursor for cholecystokinin, which regulates hunger and satiety.

Alpha-ketoglutarate is a precursor of glutamine that, without the involvement of insulin, can generate energy.

Indispensable auxiliary elements like zinc and certain B vitamins support the effect of amino acids.

A serious factor, which inhibits fat burning, is insulin resistance. The body produces too much insulin
because the cells by different mechanisms (excessive carbohydrate intake, oxidative stress) have become resistant to insulin.
As a result, the pancreas releases increased insulin as compensation. This ultimately means that excess
carbohydrates are stored as fat reserves.

Fiber reduces the glycemic index of food, thus reducing the undesirable effect of insulin (fat storing).

A specified supply of amino acids can lower blood sugar levels as scientifically proven.