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It has recently been shown in a scientific publication that a selective supply of essential amino acids could improve capabilities of patients with chronic diseases. Patients¬† with chronic heart failure and COPD (also called simplified “smoker’s lung”) were examined. In both cases, the early symptoms were constant fatigue and shortness of breath, which naturally leads to a corresponding performance limitation.

The positive effects of the intake of essential amino acids were:
– increasing the capacity with the bicycle ergometer by about 20%
– improving the lactate levels by 25%
– increase in walking distance in the 6-minute walk test by 18%
– by stimulating the metabolism the HOMA index (a measure of insulin -resistance) was improved by 16%.

For amino acids, there is no storage
For carbohydrates, there is storage in the liver and muscles, which the body can draw from in times of increased stress.
For fats there are depots in the body that serve the body in times of need.

For protein, however, there is no storage. The body is supplied only from the “amino acid pool” of protein building blocks in the blood.

This “amino acid pool” must be regularly re-filled with protein from the diet. It can be quickly depleted in times of stress; the body then re-builds structures of degraded protein. This inadequate supply can lead to a catabolic state occurring when more structures are being constructed from this.