Blood Test

The Vitalogic blood test determines your status and personal demand for high quality amino acids. Once the results are obtained, Vitalogic is tailor-made for you. The blood collection kit will be sent to your address.

Order your personal Vitalizer

Vitalogic contains exclusively pharmaceutically pure and free amino acids. These are supplemented with vitamins, minerals, omega-3-fatty acids, free radical scavengers , fiber and the coenzyme Q10.

Classic Edition Vitalogic Complete

In addition to amino acids, it also includes vitamins, trace elements, co-enzyme Q10, omega 3-fatty acids, free radical scavengers and fiber.

Special Edition Vitalogic Slim Fit

Is the ideal solution if you want to stimulate your metabolism. It also contains beta-alanine and resveratrol in the highest quality and optimal high doses.

Special Edition Vitalogic Top Sport

Meets the power needs of the ambitious amateur athlete with an adjustment of higher amounts of free essential amino acids.