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The amino acids contained in Vitalogic can help all athletes, whether in professional, fitness, amateur or endurance range. Take advantage of the efficient training aid to help optimize your exercise time.

Efficient training – optimum performance – prevent muscle soreness

In this way, the amino acids contained in Vitalogic help optimize performance:

  • through improved recovery
  • with longer and more intense workouts
  • as an ultimate power reserve when the glycogen and fat available reserves are depleted
  • by preventing the degradation of muscle mass
  • with help in muscle toning
  • by meeting the increased protein and amino acid requirements for professional sports
  • through reduced infection rate
  • through improved “mental power

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Determine the amino acid demands – Check your current status.

The Vitalogic blood test determines your status and personal demand for high quality amino acids.
Once the results are obtained, Vitalogic is tailor-made for you.

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