Wissenschaft schafft Wissen

Es gibt eine Vielzahl an wissenschaftlichen Arbeiten, die sich mit den unterschiedlichen Aspekten
der Wirkung von Aminosäuren befassen.
Diese Auswahl an interessanten Literaturstellen haben wir für Sie zusammengestellt:

Amino Acid Supplementation and Skeletal Muscle Metabolism in Ageing Populations
Melinda Sheffield-Moore, Douglas Paddon-Jones, Randall J. Urban
Department of Internal Medicine, The University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston,Tex., USA
Hormone Research 2006;66 (Suppl. 1):93-97 (DOI: 10.1159/000096630)

Treatment of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome with Specific Amino Acid Supplementation
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Effects on Mood of Acute Phenylalanine/Tyrosine Depletion in Healthy Women
M Leyton Ph.D et al
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Amino acids: metabolism, functions, and nutrition
Guoyao Wu
Amino Acids Volume 37, Number 1 (2009),1-17, DOI: 10.1007/s00726-009-0269-0

The effects of aminoacidsupplementation on hormonal responses to resistance training overreaching
William J. Kraemer a et al

Amino Acid Supplementation Increases Lean Body Mass, Basal Muscle Protein Synthesis,
and Insulin-Like Growth Factor-I Expression in Older Women
Edgar L. Dillon et al. J.Clin
Endocrinol Metab 2009

Tyrosine, Phenylalanine, and Catecholamine Synthesis and Function in the Brain
John D. Fernstrom and Madelyn H. Fernstrom
J. Nutr. June 2007 vol. 137 no. 6 1539S-1547S © 2007 American Society for Nutrition

What Are the Essential Elements Needed for the Determination of Amino Acid Requirements in Humans?
Peter Fürst et al
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Amino Acid Ingestion Strongly Enhances Insulin Secretion in Patients With Long-Term Type 2 Diabetes
Van Loon et al
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Appearance of Individual Amino Acid Concentrations in Arterial Blood During Steady-State Infusions
of Different Amino Acid Formulations to ICU Patients in Support of Whole-Body Protein Metabolism
Iresjö et al
JPEN J Parenter Enteral Nutr.2006 Jul-Aug

Chronic improvement of amino acid nutrition stimulates initiation of global messenger ribonucleic
acid translation in tissues of sheep without affecting protein elongation
M. T. Connors et al J Anim Sci 2010 Feb;88
J Nutr Biochem. 2011 May;22(5):441-5. Epub 2010 Jul 8

Dietary L-arginine supplementation differentially regulates expression of lipid-metabolic genes
in porcine adipose tissue and skeletal muscle
Tan B et al

Contribution of Amino Acids and Insulin to Protein Anabolism During Meal Absorption
Elena Volpi et al
10.2337/diab.45.9.1245 Diabetes September1996 vol. 45 no. 9 1245-1252

Physical and mental fatigue: Metabolic mechanisms and importance of plasma amino acids
E A Newsholme et al
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An amino acid mixture improves glucose tolerance and insulin signaling in Sprague-Dawley rats
Jeffrey R. Bernard et al
2010 AJP – Endo April 1, 2011 vol. 300 no. 4 E752-E760

Amount and type of protein influences bone health
Robert P Heaney and Donald K Layman
American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Vol. 87, No. 5, 1567S-1570S, May 2008
Protein Summit 2007: Exploring the Impact of High-Quality Protein on Optimal Health

Amino acids and immune function
Peng Li et al
British Journal of Nutrition (2007), 98, 237–252 doi: 10.1017/S000711450769936X q

Beneficial effects of L-arginine on reducing obesity: potential mechanisms and
important implications for human health
McKnight JR et al
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L-Arginine stimulates proliferation and prevents endotoxin-induced death of intestinal cells
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Amino acid ingestion improves muscle protein synthesis in the young and elderly
Douglas Paddon-Jones et al
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Branched-Chain Amino Acid Requirements in Healthy Adult Human Subjects
Anura V. Kurpad et al
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Essential amino acids are primarily responsible for the amino acid stimulation of
muscle protein anabolism in healthy elderly adults
Elena Volpi et al
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Homeostatic regulation of protein intake: in search of a mechanism
Morrison et al , Scott D. Reed, and Tara M. Henagan
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Nutritional support for wound healing
Mackay D; Miller A.;
Am J Physiol Regul Integr Comp Physiol 2012 Apr 15;

Muscle breakdown has a minor role in the protein anabolic response to essential amino acid
and carbohydrate intake following resistance exercise
Erin L. Glynn et al
Am J Physiol Regul Integr Comp Physiol 2010 Aug;299

Essential Amino Acids and Exercise Tolerance in Elderly Muscle-Depleted Subjects with
Chronic Diseases: A Rehabilitation without Rehabilitation?
Aquilani et al
BioMed research International Volume 2014 Article ID 341603

Telomeres and Aging
Geraldine Aubert, Peter M. Lansdorp
Physiological Reviews Published 1 April 2008 Vol. 88 no. 2, 557-579 DOI: 10.1152/physrev.00026.2007

The metabolite α-ketoglutarate extends lifespan by inhibiting ATP synthase and TOR
Chin RM et al
Nature. 2014 Jun 19;510(7505):397-401. doi: 10.1038/nature13264. Epub 2014 May 14.