Amino acids individually

Vitalogic-amino acids tailored to your needs

Your personal solution

Vitalogic contains exclusively pharmaceutically pure and free amino acids.
These are supplemented with vitamins, minerals, Omega-3-fatty acids,
secondary phytochemicals, fiber and the coenzyme Q10.
Each individually-tailored amino acid preparation from Vitalogic is unique,
and is created after a careful analysis of your blood values.
Vitalogic founder Univ. Prof. Dr. Jürgen Spona is a leading expert in
the field of amino acid research. Amino acids are the building blocks of all life and
the main ingredient of Vitalogic.

Vitalogic to support your health

  • Stimulation of the immune system
  • Easy, sustainable weight loss
  • Relief of stress symptoms
  • Improved capability, mental performance
  • Support for burnout, listlessness and depression

Vitalogic for your fitness

  • Performance optimization & extension of the training session
  • Allows more intense workouts
  • Shortens the regeneration phase
  • Improvement of mental power
  • Doping-free – on the Cologne list

Vitalogic for your appearance

  • Fresh and youthful elasticity of your skin
  • Strong nails
  • Strength, shine and bounce in your hair
  • Increased attractiveness

So easy to get your own personal Vitalogic

Bedarfs-Check bestellen

Order the blood test

Blutprobe an Vitalogic schicken

Send your blood sample to Vitalogic

persönlicher Bedarfs-Check

We determine
your personal needs

Vitalogic wird verschickt

Vitalogic is prepared
with the flavor of your choice
and is sent to you

Vitalogic Complete

The proven classic since 1997: Vitalogic Complete

Your Vitalogic Complete contains:

  • tailored mixture of amino acids
  • vitamins  and trace elements
  • Coenzyme Q10
  • Omega-3-fatty acids
  • herbal antioxidants
  • fiber

Amino acids are the basis of all bodily structures.
Vitamins and trace elements: are indispensable as contributors to the metabolism. The vitamins and trace elements are added in the recommended RDA (recommended daily dose).
Coenzyme Q10 is a very important substance that plays a crucial role in cellular respiration and energy production in every single cell.
Omega-3 fatty acids play a crucial role in the health of the blood vessels.
Antioxidants are essential in the fight against free radicals that also occur in stressfull situations.
Fiber is very important for intestinal health and can also improve the metabolism by preventing rapid insulin increase after ingestion.


Vitalogic Top Sport

Special Edition Vitalogic Top Sport

Your Vitalogic Top Sport contains:

  • mixture of amino acids: tailor made for an ambitious athlete with an adjustment of higher amounts of free essential amino acids
  • vitamins  and trace elements
  • Coenzyme Q10
  • Omega-3-fatty acids

Our experience shows that amino acids can be especially effective for athletes: performance optimization, allows longer and more intense workouts, shortens the recovery phase, reduction of infection rate, improvment of mental power, prevents muscle soreness.

Vitalogic is regularly tested by a worldwide leading laboratory on doping substances in the NEM analysis for selected doping substances and is on the Cologne List® for products with minimized risk of doping.

Vitalogic Slim Fit

Special Edition

Vitalogic Slim Fit

Vitalogic Slim Fit is the ideal solution if you want to stimulate your metabolism. It contains:

  • tailored mixture of amino acids
  • natural vitamins  and trace elements
  • Coenzyme Q10
  • Omega-3-fatty acids
  • herbal antioxidants
  • fiber
  • Resveratrol was previously used in low doses mainly as an antioxidant. Meanwhile, there are also scientific studies proving that resveratrol has a positive effect on insulin resistance. High insulin production was shown to be a prominent cause for weight gain and fat storage.
  • Beta-Alanine is responsible for the „composition“ of the body regarding the proportion of lean body mass and fat storage in favor of lean body mass. This supports the action of exercising. As protein building blocks, amino acids are the basis of all bodily structures


Vitalogic  is also suitable for people with histamine, lactose, gluten intolerance and diabetes.

With Vitalogic to the South Pole

With Vitalogic to the South Pole

In 2011: In the race to the South Pole, the team from Austria is based on Vitalogic. Hitradio Ö3 reported. (mp3, 2:25 min)

Vitalogic-amino acids against stress

Vitalogic – Stress blocker

Amino acids promote your performance!

Vitalogic-With amino acids to new top performances

Vitalogic – Top performance

Amino acids for more power and top athletic values

Vitalogic-Use amino acids to boost fat burning

Vitalogic – Your weight loss coach

Amino acids support fat burning during weight loss

Vitalogic-Healthy skin, hair, nails and anti-aging effect with amino acids

Vitalogic – For lasting beauty

Healthy skin, hair, nails and anti-aging effect with amino acids



    Numerous satisfied customers – including top athletes and well-known personalities –
    rely on the lasting effect of Vitalogic. Click here to see the different
    statements about our product.

    Vitalogic-Michael Walchhofer

    Michael Walchhofer
    World Downhill Champion 2003
    Hotel owner

    Vitalogic-Wolfgang Schattauer

    Wolfgang Schattauer

    Vitalogic-Beate-Maria Kalita

    Beate-Maria Kalita
    Bank director

    Vitalogic-Christina Perchtold

    Christina Perchtold
    Austrian Road Race Champion U23
    Austrian Champion criterion
    5. Junior World Championships Copenhagen