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  • Do you know that amino acids are effective against wrinkles?
  • What to do about hair loss?
  • Do you want to stimulate your metabolism to create optimal conditions for a radiant complexion?
  • Do you want to effectively fight oxidative stress with all its negative effects on skin, hair and nails?

Everyday stress, lack of sleep and harmful environmental influences affect your body. The consequences of these disorders for skin, hair and nails are dramatic: replication functions and regeneration mechanisms are lacking or are limited. You can idly let these processes happen or deliberately take countermeasures.


Take action against the natural aging process of the skin and loss of hair

The tailor-made supply of important essential amino acids, vitamins, minerals, Q10 and antioxidants by Vitalogic is proven to support the replication of skin and hair cells. Your natural beauty builds up literally from the inside. Look forward to better well-being and increased confidence!



Vitalogic – Your Ultimate Beauty Factor

  • Fresh and youthful elasticity of your skin
  • Strong nails
  • Strength, shine and bounce in your hair
  • Bright appearance



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Patricia Kaiser

Model, moderator and former athlete

“Unlike conventional amino acids preparations, Vitalogic is perfectly suited to me and guarantees me an optimal supply of the vital amino acids. Vitalogic is the perfect product for people who attach great importance to their well-being, their health and their appearance.”