Health means freedom!

Do you want to reduce stress or strengthen your immune system?
Is constant fatigue, lack of concentration, or insomnia an issue for you?
How can you stimulate your metabolism?
Do you place emphasis on phrophylaxis instead on repair?


Top in Profession and balanced in leisure time

Vitalogic supports you in a unique way to bring your well-being into harmony. The amino acid balance makes it possible!

If you can counteract the fatigue, lethargy and depressive moods you have lugged home, you will feel simply well now.

Not only at work, but also in the private sector, you will find that balanced amino acids improves your quality of life significantly.


Vitalogic – Your Ultimate Health Factor

  • Stimulation of the immune system
  • Improved physical and mental performance
  • Promotion of fat removal, curbs craving for food
  • Support for coping with stress, burnout and depression
  • Control of loss of drive and listlessness
Grafik Lebensqualität


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Determine the amino acid demands-Check your current status.

The Vitalogic blood test determines your status and personal demand for high quality amino acids.
Once the results are obtained, Vitalogic is tailor-made for you.

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Hermann Maier

Double Olympic champion and, after his severe motorcycle accident, World Champion and World Cup winner

“Vitalogic has proved to be perfect for me and also has passed the test well in extreme situations, including during my trek to the South Pole. What I particularly like is that Vitalogic is tailored to my individual needs, thereby effectively correcting any deficiencies. This makes this product unique for me.”